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Realizing you forgot an important task or detail about your upcoming event will leave you with a sinking feeling in the pit of your gut- this could’ve been complete avoidable had you hired our skilled event management team. We handle parties of all types, and our clients have diverse needs. That means you can rest assured we’ll constantly think of things that might not cross your mind. When needed, we’ll bring them up for discussion, allowing you to decide how to handle them.

Thanks to our party-planning prowess, expect numerous compliments from people you’ve impressed with the fun and relaxed gathering. We’ll do most of the work while you take all the credit.

Michelle Swaby-Smith

Founder and CEO

P.G.P.P. ENTERPRISES is operating under the experienced guidance of Michelle Swaby-Smith. She’s been involved in the Entertainment Industry for many years and has been very successful in establishing lasting relationships with key players in all facets of the industry. She’s formed the foundation for the future of P.G.P.P. Enterprises, Inc. with her extensive knowledge, experience and connections.

Her abilities have been shaped by years of professional experience working in management at Carnival Cruise Lines, coordinating promotions and production for major festivals, being Managing Director of a magazine and Vice President of an automotive/bike show company. In addition, she has been involved with the beverage and liquor industry for many years.

Co-Founder and Board Chair

Big Blue & You is the only ocean conservation nonprofit to be founded by African American women and is a passionate proponent of intersectional environmentalism and decolonizing the natural world. In 2008, when she was twenty-one, marine biologist and science show host Danni Washington founded Big Blue & You with her mother, businesswoman Michelle Swaby-Smith.

For the past 13 years, the organization has supported emerging environmentalists — especially young women of color — and equipped young leaders with STEAM tools for ocean advocacy. We believe that equitable access to outdoor spaces is critical to engaging BIPOC communities and that people must experience what they are asked to protect.

P.G.P.P. was established in South Florida in 1997

Our event consulting and management services have helped businesses and nonprofits successfully plan and execute events, conferences and festivals.

Planning and Executing events in the United States and the Caribbean.

“Our years of experience is what sets us apart”