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Great events have the power to etch amazing memories into our minds forever! These events, however, don’t plan themselves. They require a considerable amount of time and energy to coordinate and execute properly. This is exactly why our clients love us- we do that heavy lifting so they don’t have to.

P.G.P.P. Enterprises has worked on countless corporate, and nonprofit events across all of South Florida. From small networkers to large conferences, festivals, and galas, our clients trust us with their special moments.

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We love what we do because we only do what we love.

Our event management and event consulting services are specifically crafted to fit the specific needs of each event. We understand no two events are ever exactly the same and it’s this attention to detail that sets us apart from others in this industry.

Event Management

In most cases, events will have multiple vendors, staff, volunteers, sponsors, and, of course, guests. Managing all of them can be an arduous task that requires experienced managers and staff. Our event management services have helped corporate, nonprofit and municipal clients bring to life the event they always wanted without going through the tough process of managing it.

Event Consulting

Many of our clients are companies and organizations that already have staff in place to plan and execute their events. These groups generally bring us on board as consultants, working hand-in-hand with their associates to bring their events to life. There’s no substitute for experience and knowledge, which is why our clients trust us with all their event consultant needs.

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Michelle Swaby-Smith

Founder and CEO of P.G.P.P. Enterprises

P.G.P.P. ENTERPRISES is operating under the experienced guidance of Michelle Swaby. Ms Swaby has been involved in the Entertainment Industry for many years and has been very successful in establishing lasting relationships with key players in all facets of the industry. She’s formed the foundation for the future of P.G.P.P. Enterprises, Inc. with her extensive knowledge, experience and connections.

Her abilities have been shaped by years of professional experience working in management at Carnival Cruise Lines, coordinating promotions and production for major festivals, being Managing Director of a magazine and Vice President of an automotive/bike show company. In addition, she has been involved with the beverage and liquor industry for many years.

Proudly serving South Florida for over 30 years


We work directly with company staff to execute and manage their annual event schedule.


Our support team is here to ensure that things run smoothly, so you can focus elsewhere.


Watch your profits and efficiency soar. You’ll expand faster than you ever thought possible. 

“Events are no joke… we learned that the hard way. Michelle is the event consultant your business needs if you want to have a stress-free event”

Jane Smith


“Our annual holiday party and quarterly events run smoothly because of the work Michelle and her team do. We love having her as part of the team every year!”

Dana Rosen

Ft. Lauderdale

“IOur annual fundraiser has 50+ different vendors, presenters and affiliates. Needless to say, we couldn’t pull it off without Michelle and her team”

Madelaine Taylor


P.G.P.P. Enterprises Inc. has built a solid reputation so you can feel confident you’ll get the advice and support you need.

The event industry is ever-changing and we’ve made it our specialty. That’s why we’re a great choice for event-related assistance- our talented team will stay on top of your concerns guiding you every step of the way. Whether you’re planning a party for two-dozen people or hundreds of attendees we’re the experienced party planners you need.

Although some people thrive in the event management realm, others feel woefully unprepared. No matter which category you fall into, our team is looking forward to helping you. Maybe you just need a bit of guidance about your friend’s bridal shower or perhaps you’d prefer to let us handle every aspect of the special day from start to finish. After thinking about how we could best assist you, just get in touch and describe the details.

“We work with Michelle because she gets things done right!”